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Hello, my name is KENNETH KALE, inventor of TRAKPASSPRO.  I began thinking of this device after a two-day track event at Watkins Glen.  I watched cars driving off track, or waiting until they were settled on the straights, before they would give me a point by.  I was getting a little frustrated because these maneuvers were keeping me from achieving better lap times, not to mention the lack of safety I felt.  My "AHA MOMENT" came when I realized that they were having difficulty signaling while taking a hand off  the steering wheel!  What if a signaling device could be designed to alleviate this problem?  After much thought, I developed the concept of TRAKPASSPRO.  I discussed this idea with my good friend, GARY CORTESE, at a Watkins Glen event.  He immediately took to the idea, and we set to work on this product.  After two years of research and development, we are excited to have a unique signaling system that will become the new standard for on track safety and performance.